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Edition 2020-2021


During this 2020-2021 edition, the workshops at the CSC Au-Delà-des-Ponts in Port du Rhin mixed visual arts, dance and theater, in partnership with the artist Cécile Tonizzo.


On Saturday May 29, we had the pleasure of going to Le Maillon accompanied by the children of the MASK'AR'ADE project and the artist Cécile Tonizzo for the evening of restitution of the children's dyes.
In the hall of the Maillon, the children were able to talk about the workshops and present their works to the public and parents.
The children were in conclusion delighted with the MASK'AR'ADE project as declared by Aya "I really liked this project because we were able to draw inspiration from our imagination and from what we like" or even Ethan "J I loved doing this project with the others and the friends" .


During this 2020-2021 edition, we had the chance to attend the show "Do not end up like Romeo and Juliet" by Métilde Weyergans and Samuel Hercule.

It is, among other things, the story of two very different people, separated by a bridge, which made a perfect link with our pedagogy and our objectives. With TRANSC3ND we wanted to open doors, cross bridges, open up and love in the face of difference. We all loved this show and were thrilled to be able to take the kids there.

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