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artistic and fun modules offered to isolated or exiled minors, to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers and build friendships beyond


     LES FRANCAS : 12 young artists from the Conseils XV district let their imagination soar by participating in improvisation games, which pushes them to step out of their comfort zone and work in groups to prepare a show, which will be presented during the annual neighborhood festival.

    AMRESO-BETHEL – Nursing home : A look, a simple gesture is enough to convey ideas and emotions! Every Monday, people with multiple disabilities and retirees get together to play, each in their own way. Some handle only words, others only their gestures are eloquent, but all have a shining eyes and a joy smile on their face. All reunited, they improvise and enjoy putting on masks and characters!


AMSED : Mastering French through drama, here is the goal of this workshop, proposed every Friday evening. Dictations, poems, everyday skits... Everything is good for developing oral fluency. This workshop brings together, Ukrainians, Congolese, Moroccans, Spanish speakers, of all ages and all professions. It's a time of meeting and sharing, also a lot of laughter and work! 

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