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MASK'AR'ADE is our Franco-German program and it is from January 2021! In partnership with the Social and Cultural Center Au Delà des Ponts, we offer artistic workshops to young cross-border residents of Strasbourg and Kehl, in the Port du Rhin district. The program will end in style with a final performance in July 2021.


2022-2023 Edition

That's it, Mask'ar'ade 2023, is over!

The workshop had took place on Wednesday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., alternatively at the Falkenhausenschule in Kehl and at the Ateliers Eclairés at the Port du Rhin.

This year, the workshops took place with the partnership of students from the University of Strasbourg, who accompanied us throughout the first semester!

We are happy to announce you that our show Mask’ar’ade which is entitled  DUALIA took place on the 24th of May 2023, with the Science Po Arts Office at 7 p.m. in 14 rue René Descartes, Le Portique, in the Evolution room in Strasbourg.

Another show took place on the June 10, 2023 at the neighborhood party Port du Rhin.

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2021-2022 Edition

For this 2021-2022 edition, our weekly workshops took place with children from the Port-du-Rhin neighborhood and the Josef-Guggenmos Schule in Kehl.


Every Wednesday afternoon, from October to June for the Germans, and from January to June for the French, we met each other at the Ateliers Eclairés and in the premises of the Kehl school.

Together, our artist-speaker Jennifer Rottsegge and Manon Bilger, the president of TRANSC3ND, have developed a program rich in theatrical experiments and expression games. Abu, a participant in our ArteFaktory summer camp turned volunteer for TRANSC3ND, and Angélique, our intern, were an indispensable help!

Then, together, the children invented sketches to tell a fantastic journey through their imagination, their comic book heroes and their favorite animals.

This year we had two performances of our end show!

Once on May 25, with the Science po's Bureaux des Arts, and once on June 11 at the Port-du-Rhin neighborhood party!



During this 2020-2021 edition, the workshops at the CSC Au-Delà-des-Ponts in Port du Rhin mixed visual arts, dance and theater, in partnership with the artist Cécile Tonizzo.

On Saturday May 29, we had the pleasure of going to Le Maillon accompanied by the children of the MASK'AR'ADE project and the artist Cécile Tonizzo for the evening of restitution of the children's dyes.
In the hall of the Maillon, the children were able to talk about the workshops and present their works to the public and parents.

The children were in conclusion delighted with the MASK'AR'ADE project as declared by Aya "I really liked this project because we were able to draw inspiration from our imagination and from what we like" or even Ethan "J I loved doing this project with the others and the friends" .

During this 2020-2021 edition, we had the chance to attend the show "Do not end up like Romeo and Juliet" by Métilde Weyergans and Samuel Hercule.

It is, among other things, the story of two very different people, separated by a bridge, which made a perfect link with our pedagogy and our objectives. With TRANSC3ND we wanted to open doors, cross bridges, open up and love in the face of difference. We all loved this show and were thrilled to be able to take the kids there.

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