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the point ?

First of all, you'll support the association! We need you to help us move our projects forward, and to become a member is a quick and easy way to give your support.

By signing in, you will automatically subscribe to
our newsletter, that we send to all our members several times a year. It allows us to keep you up to date on our activities, and tell about our latest news, introduce our new partners and projects as well as share some stories!

Finally, you will also be invited to our general meetings, twice a year, where you will
get to know the association from within, meet other members and participate in the discussions that keep the association alive!

To become a member of TRANSC3ND, all you have to do is pay your membership fee to the association. Those few euros are a very precious to us, as it is thanks to them that we can invest from our own pocket in our projects!


To validate your registration, transfer the amount corresponding to your situation directly to TRANSC3ND's bank account, specifying your name and first name.



FR76 1027 8010 8400 0219 6530 181

So that we can stay in contact, invite you to our general assemblies

and send you our newsletter, fill this little form out ! 

From the bottom of our heart, thank for your participation, and see you soon!
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