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Our team

The TRANSC3ND team is growing! We are all volunteers, and are delighted that our project attracts more and more new faces, each of which enriches our association with their particularities and their energy.


Alsatian by heart and blood, originally coming from Saint-Louis, on the border between France, Germany and Switzerland. I am a master student at Science Po Strasbourg. Between my father working in Switzerland, shopping in Germany and school in France, not to mention my two years in Strasbourg, I have always lived in a very multicultural environment.

As a child, I was very shy, and it was theater and performance that taught me to overcome my fear and open up to others and the world. They have played a very important role in my life and it is time for me to give back to the world and share my passion with others!



I grew up in Alsace, I was educated in a bilingual German class, and have now been living in Germany for a year and a half as part of my studies at Sciences Po Strasbourg.

Art is an important part of my life, since early childhood I go to museums, play music, do dance and theater. I want to give everyone the opportunity to discover what the world of culture is, what it can bring and develop in everyone.  

And why not also get to know the language and culture of the neighboring country while discovering the world of art? Go beyond borders, live in a multicultural environment, communicate with people who speak different languages? Embark on this new adventure, it can only surprise you!


Hello, I'm Clémentine, passionate animator, theater lover and international volunteer! I am a master's student at Sciences Po Strasbourg.  Its the animaion that pushed me to develop a reflection around creation, around imagination. It was the desire to share my passion, the contact with children and the love of theater that rushed me into the TRANSC3ND adventure! Because it creates links and allows an opening to others, I am convinced of the social function of theatre. TRANSC3ND's missions are particularly close to my heart!


Having always lived in the border region, and having grown up with my grandparents who only spoke Alsatian, I have been immersed in this multicultural environment since childhood. The fact of working in Switzerland, with German colleagues, strengthened the links I had with our neighbors across the Rhine.

Crossing borders like changing rooms comes naturally to me, and I've always liked contact with young people, which is why the Transc3nd adventure won me over. Especially in these times of pandemic, where borders tend to close, it is important to keep this link with our Swiss and German neighbors.

Artefaktory is an incredible adventure, which reflects well what the Transc3nd association is: openness, sharing, self-sacrifice as well as communicative energy and passion!


Hello to you ! I'm Jean-Baptiste, but between us, you can call me JB. I've been involved in art and doing theater for years, both as an actor and as a director.

An anecdote ? Let me think… I once played a candle that helps a match escape from a box during an improv! Believe it or not, viewers still tell me about it. That's fame.

Today, I try to get other people on stage to allow them to discover theatre. I am so happy to have had the chance to practice this discipline that I want to give this opportunity to others!


After my student exchange and my au pair year in Alsace, I was drawn back for my final year of the master's program, this time to Strasbourg! The French language and culture have fascinated me since my school days, which is why I plan to stay here after completing my master's degree. My biggest challenge presented itself last autumn when I joined a French improvisational theater group. Improvising in a foreign language... Impossible? No, everything is achievable! Based on this experience, I am particularly interested in the projects that TRANS3ND offers to children and how they help break down language barriers and blur national borders.

Currently, I am taking over communication with my colleague Lal!

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Hello, my name is Nirina. I grew up in Alsace and moved to Strasbourg for my studies. I lived in Germany for a year as part of my Franco-German Master's program and am currently working in Kehl. As a child, I had the opportunity to engage in music and broaden my cultural horizons, but I increasingly realize that this is far from a common experience. Beyond its deeply Franco-German purpose, it's also the mission of Transc3nd that attracted me: to provide young people with limited access to culture the opportunity to explore different artistic and cultural practices in the Upper Rhine region. To transcend not only language barriers but also the less visible ones that separate some young individuals from culture and art. I am very happy to be a part of the TRANSC3ND adventure, and thanks to the Zukunst project, I am (re)discovering how rich our region is in cultural opportunities.


In 2019, I arrived in Strasbourg with a freshly obtained BPJEPS LTP and my passion for theater in my luggage. I grew up in the south of France, and since my childhood, I've always had one foot in the world of theater, until I enrolled in the University for the Theater and Live Performance program in Montpellier. For me, this art is a way to express my imagination and to view the world differently. At the same time, I professionalized myself in socio-cultural and intercultural animation. With a dual French and Ghanaian culture, I've always been sensitive to other cultures and have participated in and led various intercultural exchange programs. I also lived in Germany for 3 years. Transc3nd represents the opportunity for me to combine all my passions.


We are always looking for new people, as motivated and passionate as us, who like to spend time with children, to share moments of theater and art together. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic and available, and then we will necessarily find out how you can help us!

Has our project aroused your curiosity, your interest?

Do not hesitate to send us a message!

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Thank you all for your participation !

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