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beautiful encounters, an incredible human experience, top workshops, theatre, music, dance, evening gatherings,
and many challenges met!


Edition 2024

The 2023 edition will be held from August 6 to 13, 2023 in the Vosges and our theme will be the circus!

Soon a video will be published...

Edition 2023


eine Woche im August
pour faire des rencontres

Photo Camp d'été TRANSC3ND 4.JPG

Edition 2022

The 2022 edition will be held from August 6 to 13, 2022 with young people from France, Germany and Switzerland. 

New documents for the 2022 version will soon arrive on the site. Stay tuned!

Need more info ?
Enjoy the summary of our 2021 edition!

Notre best-of de l'ARTEFAKTORY est sorti !

Jetez un œil et rejoignez-nous lors du prochain camp d'été. 

Nous avons hâte de vous y voir !


Edition 2021

From August 1 to 8, 2021, the ARTEFAKTORY summer camp brought together 22 young French and Germans at Domaine de Lalaye, in the Vosges. Surrounded by forest and greenery, the young people were able to take advantage of various workshops throughout the week in order to achieve the goal of the camp: to create a Franco-German rap clip from A to Z.

Copie de Copie de Copie de Red and Blue Online Gaming Esport Team Instagram Post.png
Franco-German artists
of the 2021 edition
Discover the video of the 2021 edition

Every morning, the young people took part in Franco-German improvisational theater workshops supervised by the teaching staff. These workshops allowed us to mobilize the TRANSC3ND pedagogy, and were animated in translanguage, while mobilizing gestures, gaze, tone of voice, but also drawing and  mime.

Each afternoon there were workshops... 

Speech writing, with Zweierpasch
Vocals, with Miss Yella
cinema, direction and 
storyboard with Guillaume  bury
sound recording
and editing with Fym

On Saturday afternoon, a life-size treasure hunt on the theme of magic took place, which led young people to solve Franco-German puzzles and numerous sporting and intellectual challenges. 

And in the evening, place to vigils




I speak Georgian, French, English, Turkish, Russian, but not German. I spoke with the others in English, in French, and a lot with gestures. 
We spent a week together, we wanted it to last longer!

We did a lot of stuff, games, our clip! I can't say what I preferred, everything was so cool. See you next year, I hope! 




The week we spent at Lalaye was great. It really brought me something, we learned something new every day.

I don't understand French, and on the first day it was very difficult to communicate with the French. But communicating has always been a pleasure, because a friendship doesn't need language, I think.



It was great, there was a good atmosphere. I was able to make new friends, French and German. I speak both languages fluently.

I was the official translator for my room! Now I can switch between the two languages much better, and I translate much faster.

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